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 Alternative Stages & Boss level experiences

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PostSubject: Alternative Stages & Boss level experiences   Wed Jun 27, 2012 11:52 am

There are many options in Productions Design, most Streets of Rage/Bare Knuckle players will direct more on story mode. A story mode is more on it's complete story from the beginning to the end, some stories can be extremely long also not all players will spend numbers of hours completing the whole game.

We decided to include a new series production for Boss levels, the purpose to design Boss level production is to fulfill some players which usually prefers to play stage selections or even go for short story Productions or shorter Mods.

There are many innovative ways to start up an individual production for Alternative stages and Boss levels.

1st Solution

You may design your story which involves only a few stages which rarely appear as alternative scenes just like SOR/BK3 a stage link to America White house.

2nd Solution

You may notice some bosses are extremely in good skills and even good players may have hard time to complete against them, those boss can be, Barbon, Robo X or RJ.Bear.

This post will update again.
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Alternative Stages & Boss level experiences
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