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 My First Intention of Bare Knuckle 3

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PostSubject: My First Intention of Bare Knuckle 3   Mon May 14, 2012 7:42 pm

My name is Sim,

I 'm from Singapore:

I remember during year 1992 i have no money to buy some sega games home as usually the Bare Knuckle 3, at the time i could only pay a 3 days rental for the game which cost me about 5 bucks. When i first started playing the game at home, i got no partners joining me but i still remember it was a Saturday night which i was playing the game alone inside my room.

When i first started the stage 1 everything seems to be very common until i reach stage 3 i start to realize something different, i fight Robo Axel and that was the only time i couldn't understand why a Robot can be cloned into human (Robo Axel),

so i continue to fight other stages until the final boss appears, i still remember at that time i play the game in easy mode so i manage to kill Mr.X easily.

The most exciting thing is when i started my second playthrough during the second night, i encounter a nightmare as i play the game second time also i''m already in the hard mode of the game. This time i failed to save the general at stage 7 so the general has been choked to death. I come to a stage where Mr.X himself turns into Robo X, this time i was even more shocked because it looks more scary compare to the previous Robo Axel.

To me i still enjoying playing the whole game over and over for some time before i return the game back to the game shop. To me i realize this game really gives me a lot of adventures and nightmares even those 2 nights i was playing it alone, but i still remember i even switch off the lights and it looks amazing and exciting at that moment playing the game.

I would rate the game for 5 stars, but i'm sure there were many people having similar experience and excitement like this.

This is the second nightmare i mention about,

Here's a video recall back to 18 years when i fight Shiva with some of my screen shoots.

Lastly the music was great in this game.
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My First Intention of Bare Knuckle 3
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