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 Home Safety Editions 1.6 Version 2

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PostSubject: Home Safety Editions 1.6 Version 2   Sun Sep 06, 2015 7:14 pm

Introducing HSE !
What is HSE

HSE - Home Safety Editions

HSE Editions:

HSE 1.0 Released & Completed
HSE 1.1 Released & Completed
HSE 1.2 Released & Completed
HSE 1.3 Released & Completed
HSE 1.4 Released & Completed

HSE 1.5 No longer in constructions, development failed
HSE 1.6 Released date 8 September 2015

Dear everyone, previously one of our Bare Knuckle 3 hack (THE SWAT PROJECT) has failed and that particular project was suppose to be Home Safety Edition 1.5, so this year 2015 Cabohicks suggested us to make this hack happens (THE SWAT PROJECT).

Finally now I'm capable to develop a newer version of HSE 1.6 (Home Safety Edition) with my friend assisting me in new sprites and plans to create a new feel of HSE further towards another level.

Here's the demo video for part 1

Download download/g6zxbp6634bcx3e/Home_Safety_Edition_1.6_-_Special_Edition.ips
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Home Safety Editions 1.6 Version 2
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